team startup

team acceleration

team turnaround

Team Startup

Accelerate your new team’s performance and impact by creating your team “playbook.” This includes agreeing upon early wins together, understanding individual differences and team dynamics, and establishing ground rules.

  • list-arrow Create strategic team “rules of engagement”
  • list-arrow Achieve quick wins faster and with greater impact
  • list-arrow Build momentum and followership quickly and more completely

Team Acceleration

Many organizations settle for “good enough” and this often applies to their teams. We help good teams become great through a rigorous process of assessment, prioritization, commitment and follow through. We help teams identify how to better leverage strengths as well as tackle obstacles undermining performance. And we have some fun along the way.

  • list-arrow Conduct team assessment by assessing a number of criteria including trust, communication, role clarity and shared purpose
  • list-arrow Create team action plan
  • list-arrow Track progress with key metrics of success

Team Turnaround

Some teams have the right DNA but need help addressing obstacles or non-productive behaviors that undermine team performance. We help teams build a shared perspective and establish ground rules that can improve overall team performance and lead to lasting collaboration and impact.

  • list-arrow Identify specific obstacles to team success
  • list-arrow Create an action plan to improve team performance
  • list-arrow Establish accountability to ensure long-term results

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