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Alliance Partners

Alison Mallard, PhD

Alison, founder of HRCatalyst, Inc., has over twenty years of experience helping organizations align strategy and talent to drive results for leaders, teams, and organizations. She specializes in competency modeling, performance and talent management, executive assessment, executive coaching, team development, and leadership development.  She has led multiple talent-related special projects and organizational research projects.  Alison has worked in many industries, including retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and information technology. She also works with not-for-profit organizations including those in higher education, children’s advocacy, and various professional groups.

Alison is active in the field of I/O Psychology, serving as a board member of the Georgia Association for I-O Psychology and co-founder of I/O AT WORK (  

Alison is an NCAA All-American swimmer and has competed in a number of triathlons and half-marathons.

Lorrina Eastman, PhD

Lorrina, HRC Partner, joined the firm in 2012 after fifteen years of corporate work in the financial services and hospitality industries. Her areas of expertise include leadership assessment and development, succession management, competency model development, executive coaching, team development, employee engagement, new leader onboarding and performance management. As a consultant, she has worked across several industries including education, pharmaceutical, financial services, hospitality, retail, and utilities.

Lorrina is a member of SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) and NCIOP (North Carolina Industrial & Organizational Psychologists). She also works with nonprofit organizations on leadership development, team development, and executive succession projects and enjoys volunteering her time for SEED20 (Social Entrepreneurs Empowered).

Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners

Tom Akins MS, MBA:

Tom brings more than 25 years of executive consulting and business leadership experience to his client work and is highly valued for the unique set of perspectives he brings to client issues. Tom has extensive global consulting experience, including short-term and long-term assignments in North America, Central America, South America, Europe including Scandinavia, the Middle East, China, Asia/Pac, and Australia.

He is often called upon by CEOs and other executives for individual and team coaching and consulting, as well as organizational assessment and advisory services in leadership development, succession planning, talent development, change management, M&A, strategic planning, and organizational design.

Anne Marie Carlisi, PhD:

Anne Marie possesses a unique blend of corporate leadership and consulting experience. She is an Industrial/Organizational psychologist with over 25 years of experience in the areas of executive coaching, leadership assessment, and development, talent acquisition, organizational development, and talent development. She has created large-scale global talent development programs to accelerate the growth of key leadership talent. As an executive coach, she works globally with senior executives in a wide variety of roles and industries to improve their abilities and meet their business, career, and personal goals. Prior to founding Carlisi & Associates in 1994, Anne Marie worked for BellSouth Corporation where she created and managed leadership assessment and development programs and served as an internal consultant on organizational change and customer satisfaction initiatives. Additionally, Anne Marie successfully led a diverse, multi-level customer service organization through consolidation and significant business process and technology upgrades.

Jen Danesis:

Jen Danesis has more than 15 years of external consulting and internal Strategy / Human Resources roles.  She has spent her career helping organizations improve how they get work done and ensure that the right people are in the right jobs at the right time.  Jen is currently an independent consultant; previously she held leadership positions at Bank of America and Compass Group.  In her consulting roles, Jen worked with a variety of organizations and industries ranging from the world’s largest companies to small non-profits.  Her areas of expertise include organization development, talent management, organization design and change management. 

Val Markos, PhD:

Val Markos has more than 35 years of leadership and talent development experience. He has led such functions within corporations as well as consulted to many of the top companies in America. Val led the talent and leadership development function for BellSouth for 15 years, having responsibility for the management education, talent review process, high potential identification and development, assessment, and staffing of the top 1000 roles in the company. In 2006, Val left the corporate world and created his own business as a psychologist and management consultant feeding his passion for assessment and coaching. He has since worked with dozens of Fortune 500 firms and thousands of individuals to develop their skills and improve their impact. Val brings a unique blend of experience and education to his consulting.

Ann Maurer, PhD:

Ann J. Maurer is an officer of Maurer Consulting, Inc. She is an experienced coach and consultant to organizations regarding their people practices across various industries, including food and beverage, media, automotive, telecommunication, health care, IT, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, utilities, and non-profit. In 2005, Ann left her corporate role to run her own business as an executive coach, change management consultant, and strategic planning facilitator. As an executive coach, Ann helps her clients leverage strengths, meet professional challenges, and adjust derailing behaviors so they can reach full potential as leaders.

Christine Mayfield, PhD:

Christine Mayfield has over 20 years consulting experience in multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, and hospitality.  She joined HRCatalyst shortly after its inception.  Her areas of focus are organizational surveys, leadership assessment and development, and employee selection processes.  She has also guided organizational research efforts related to employee morale/retention, organizational culture and change, organizational trust, and sales and managerial performance.  Christine is a puzzle solver who distills large amounts of information into meaningful insights for leaders and organizations.

Adrian Thomas, PhD:

Adrian Thomas serves as a statistical consultant for both HRCatalyst and Corporate Insights and Development. He has worked on selection, validation and assessment projects with numerous Fortune 500 Companies in addition to dozens of smaller organizations. While mainly a statistical consultant, he has also provided guidance on scale development, performance appraisal, and selection projects as well on ADA compliance projects. In addition, he is a statistical consultant on projects for Roosevelt University’s in house Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Center.

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