selection system
design & validation


leadership assessment for development


leadership assessment for selection

selection system
design & validation

HRCatalyst identifies and develops selection tools to help organizations identify individuals who are most likely to succeed in key positions. Using research-based and legally defensible approaches, HRC provides solutions that help you hire the right people for the job.

  • list-arrowImprove the quality of hires for key positions
  • list-arrowUpgrade overall bench strength
  • list-arrowImprove ability of managers to effectively interview and assess talent

leadership assessment
for development

HRC provides an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s leadership strengths and development areas, which provides a starting point for an Individual Development Plan. We use several assessments during the process: in-depth interviews, 360-degree feedback, and personality inventories.

  • list-arrowIdentify an individual’s strengths, development needs, and stress behaviors
  • list-arrowBuild an individual’s awareness of his/her impact on others
  • list-arrowCreate a specific and actionable development plan
  • list-arrowEvaluate successor readiness and how to prepare for expanded leadership roles

leadership assessment
for selection

HRC assists organizations in selection or promotion decisions for critical positions by providing an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s likelihood to succeed in a particular position. We integrate work history, colleague feedback and/or references, personality inventories, cognitive assessments, and an in-depth interview into a concise report with selection recommendations.

  • list-arrowAssess external or internal candidates for executive positions
  • list-arrowInform succession plans
  • list-arrowSupport CEO and executive leadership transition
  • list-arrowSupport mergers/acquisitions and organizational restructuring
  • list-arrowFacilitate career transitions

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