Leadership Offsite

Performance Management

Succession Management

Competency Modeling for Organizational Alignment

A competency model or success profile defines core competencies necessary for success in a job, group of jobs, or organization. Through qualitative and quantitative data analysis, HRCatalyst creates and validates a model that captures requirements necessary for high performance. Once defined, this model is a foundation for all HR platforms.

  • list-arrowCreate clarity regarding leadership expectations
  • list-arrowIdentify the competencies most important for success
  • list-arrowAssess leader capability against a clearly defined success profile
  • list-arrowUpgrade an HR processes

Leadership Offsite Design and Facilitation

HRC works with leaders and their teams to design and facilitate offsites with specific objectives such as strategic planning and quarterly business reviews. We begin by defining session objectives and desired outcomes. We then design and deliver a meeting that that engages participants, meets objectives, and outlines accountabilities going forward.

  • list-arrow Conduct effective and engaging meetings that meet specific business objectives
  • list-arrow Ensure alignment across leadership team regarding strategic priorities and accountabilities
  • list-arrow Evaluate progress against key priorities and agree upon next steps

Performance Management

HRC works with organizations to design performance management processes and support tools that establish a high-performance culture and create opportunities for employees to succeed. We also specialize in gathering and summarizing 360-based performance review data.

  • list-arrowBuild and introduce company‚Äôs first formal performance management process
  • list-arrowRevamp existing process to incorporate best practices and/or better drive a stronger performance culture
  • list-arrowImprove employee engagement and support for employee development

Succession Management

HRC helps identify and develop successors for key leadership positions. We start by understanding the organization and current HR practices and identifying the critical leadership positions. We then create success profiles for the identified positions and design the succession process. HRC also facilitates talent review discussions and assesses high potentials/successors.

  • list-arrowBuild a deep pipeline of future leaders for the organization
  • list-arrowBolster employee engagement and development
  • list-arrowBe prepared for retirements or unexpected departures
  • list-arrowBuild talent to support anticipated growth

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